About the EEA

Information About Membership

Where and when we meet

We meet each Thursday morning at 7:00am, at The Gateway Grill. We enjoy a buffet breakfast from 7:00-7:30, Roll call from 7:30-7:50, and a presentation from one of our members from 7:50-8:20. We adjourn promptly at 8:30.

What's expected of you

Attendance is a requirement of membership, but we recognize there are times some individuals have other commitments; thus, we encourage firms to appoint alternate members to attend when the regular member is unable to do so.

Member Responsibilities

  1. Payment of dues.
  2. Attendance at breakfast meetings.
  3. Lead production.
  4. Recommendation of new members.


  • To create and encourage cooperative business efficiency and service to its members and to bring its members in contact with each other
  • To exchange business information, methods and research among its members
  • To develop and carry on such activities as shall be found best to promote the welfare of its members and effect the purposes for which the organization is formed

Organization History

The Emerald Executive Association was founded as an Oregon corporation in 1971. The original membership consisted of 35 businesses from the Eugene/Springfield area and an Executive Director, Don Walsh. Their goal was then, and remains to this day, the encouragement of cooperative business activity and the exchange of business information among its members. Kernutt Stokes Brandt & Co. was one of the founding members and the Association's Treasurer has always come from that firm. Don Walsh retired in 1996 and the current Executive Director, Deirdre (Lindy) Moore, has been in the position since then.